End of Year Report – further information

This page gives more context to points on the spread and influence page.

Service change design and redevelopment

NHS People Plan tweet chats: When the draft NHS People Plan was launched in August 2020, NHS Horizons facilitated two tweet chats to socialise the plan and help the system consider how it might put into action the ambitions outlined in the plan.

Bringing Back Staff Summit: NHS Horizons convened a number of interactive virtual workshops to help the system better understand how to retain staff who provide direct patient care – as well as encourage those who have left the NHS to return.

Video Consultation Webinar: The Covid-19 pandemic meant that out-patient and GP appointments were quickly moved to being delivered remotely.  Horizons responded by bringing NHS organisations, patient and professional networks together to learn, share and develop the best ways to run consultations by video, using virtual approaches.

MSK Transformation: We crowdsourced ideas for the Musculo-skeletal transformation programme – and created an animation to help others who might like to take a crowdsourcing approach

Building confidence and capability

Beneficial Changes: Horizons has been facilitating virtual events to identify beneficial changes in how we operate that have happened as a result of the pandemic – and consider how we scale and spread them.

The School for Change Agents is the biggest online learning community in NHS with more than 10,000 learners currently enrolled.

Virtual Collaboration Production Cell: Horizons has been building the virtual collaboration confidence and capability of colleagues throughout NHS England & NHS Improvement and beyond through a bespoke training offer to a host of teams.

Community building

#ProjectM: Horizons has supported the development of #ProjectM, which focuses on support for NHS managers.

Black History month tweet chat & twitter takeover: In November 2020 Horizons hosted a tweet chat for Black History Month, and supported a takeover of Prerana Issar’s Twitter account which provided three NHS staff with the unprecedented opportunity to share their experiences from a senior NHS leader’s social media platform.

Leadership and planning

Landing Gold Command Planning: Horizons provided support to colleagues responding to the Covid-19 pandemic by convening virtual workshops at crucial points bringing key people together to learn, share and develop their approaches.

Thought leadership

Horizons staff blogs: NHS Horizons team members regularly write well-received blogs to share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues throughout health and care.

Tweets of the week: Tweets of the week is a curation of the Horizons team’s best tweets from the past 7 days: it helps the wider system keep up-to-date with the latest thinking.

Presentations at the virtual IHI Copenhagen Conference: Horizons team members presented at IHI; we also hosted daily virtual huddles open to anyone from health and care as a place to share and reflect on learning from the event.