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Innovations and improvements don’t spread as widely as we need them to. We need a new mindset and way of approaching spread.

@Horizonsnhs emerging thinking is focused around 7 principles and the model of system convening which are derived from the literature and experience.

We believe these 7 principles and the model of system convening will significantly help increase the spread and scale of innovation and improvement

What is spread?

We see spread as a:

‘dynamic, reciprocal interacting, iterative and evolving activity’

‘developmental, contextualised, adaptive, learning and social process’

So definitely not a not linear and mechanistic activity.

How to increase the spread of innovation?

We offer 7 interconnected principles, shown in the diagram, which are important aspects to consider for spread

The model of System Convening involves:

  • Matching approach to spread with complexity of the situation
  • Applying the seven principles in practice
  • Providing enabling activities delivered by a team or a number of people
  • All levels in the system

More details of the 7 interconnected principles and model of system convening are available in our EXPO 2019 slide set here

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This page will be updated as our thinking progresses.

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