Spread and Innovation

Spread and innovation

How to get the good stuff to go further.

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Enabling Spread and Adoption of Innovation – Emerging Thinking

Innovations and improvements don’t spread as widely as we need them to. We need a new mindset and way of approaching spread.

Horizons emerging thinking is focused around seven principles and the model of system convening which are derived from the literature and experience.

We believe these seven principles and the model of system convening will significantly help increase the spread and scale of innovation and improvement.

What is spread?

We see spread as a:

  • ‘dynamic, reciprocal interacting, iterative and evolving activity’
  • ‘developmental, contextualised, adaptive, learning and social process’

So definitely not a not linear and mechanistic activity.

How to increase the spread of innovation?

We offer seven interconnected principles, shown in the diagram, which are important aspects to consider for spread

  • The individual
  • Networks
  • Value
  • Innovation Development
  • Complexity
  • Learning
  • Leadership

The model of System Convening involves:

  • Matching approach to spread with complexity of the situation
  • Applying the seven principles in practice
  • Providing enabling activities delivered by a team or a number of people
  • All levels in the system

More details of the seven interconnected principles and model of system convening are available in our EXPO 2019 slide set here

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