Socials of the Week 19th December, 2022

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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Socials of the week, brought to you by NHS Horizons.

I’m Nina Jaspal a Clinical Associate at NHS Horizons and a Cardiac Nurse by background. I’m so chuffed to be back writing this very special pre Christmas edition of Socials of the Week! The last of 2022 – can you believe it?!

If you’re looking to learn about the latest in improvement, upcoming events and health and care resources, you’re in the right place!

This edition contains updates on the #S4CA, highlights from the Horizons team, and insights from the world of health and care improvement.

I’ve loved being in my festive socials of the week workshop, gathering the most insightful and inspiring posts from the world of improvement for you to enjoy! So grab a hot cup of cocoa, get your crimbo slippers on and enjoy the read!

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A reminder as we enter the festive period, a busy time for us all, kindness is free and we have the power to change a persons day with an act of kindness – even a smile 😊

The School for Change Agents

Last week Zoe Lord and Elaine King from NHS Horizons ran a session at the IHI forum on public narrative. Public narrative is a fantastic tool that helps you tell your story in order to make change happen. If you would like to learn more about how you can use your public narrative to drive forward change in your organisation – join up to School! It’s still not too late. Click here to sign up!

Congratulations to Stephanie Lally and to everyone who has completed this run of the School for Change Agents! I love reading your post-course reflections, keep them coming everyone. We’re so excited to celebrate with you. I completed my first run of School last year and 12 months later… I’m working on the #S4CA alongside some fabulous colleagues and let me tell you – the journey just keeps getting better!

Horizons Highlights

I loved this tweet by Horizons very own Helen Bevan on the importance of fostering therapeutic relationships and meaningful connections. She explains how these two things are the key to making large scale change. It totally makes sense too, a group of individuals that have a shared purpose and trust are more likely to succeed with their change initiatives.

Diane Ketley and Dan Berry (Head of behavioural science for NHS England) shared a great blog that you can access below on how behavioural science that can help us spread and scale innovation and improvement. In the article they give us 4 great practical tips to help us spread and scale change;

  • 1. Show the norm
  • 2. Change the default
  • 3. Display familiarity
  • 4. Frame risks and benefits

Intrigued to know more? Look out for details of the Spread & Scale masterclass that’s happening in 2023!

Helen also shared this great infographic this week, which highlights the importance of creativity in teams. Not only do we need meaningful connections, we want diverse and creative thinking in teams to really push our thinking of what is possible. Organisations that acknowledge diversity and creative thinking typically have better improvement outcomes.

Top picks from the world of improvements

I really enjoyed reading this white paper from Shift, an organisation in Seattle about building a culture of learning and improvement for health equity. They focused on supporting functions, organising for improvement and enabling conditions. You can download their white paper from the link in the tweet. Love learning from across organisations and even across continents!

Parya Rostami shared a snippet from Zoe Lord, Helen Bevan and Goran Henriks at the IHI Forum in Orlando. It suggests leaders are often being cast as the role of an ‘expert’ which can stunt curiosity. If leaders leave behind the expert and become explorers they will continue to learn and grow all whilst bringing others with them on their journey. Sounds good doesn’t it? Let’s all be more explorer and less expert!

Loved reading this too, have you heard of leverage points? These are places within complex systems in which a small shift can produce some big changes! The tweet below links you to an amazing article by Donella Meadows and she even suggest where those leverage points are within our systems! See what you think. You can click the link here to read even more!

And finally…

It’s important to recognise the incredible hard work of each and every individual that works across health and social care and our amazing network of inspirational colleagues who we have had the pleasure to work alongside in 2022.

The team at NHS Horizons wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for reading the last edition of Socials of the Week for 2022. Have a fabulous week everyone! See you in 2023 folks!

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