Socials of the Week 28 November, 2022

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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Socials of the week, brought to you by NHS Horizons.

I’m Anisah Majothi a Project Officer at Horizons; in this edition of Socials of the Week I’ve gathered some of the top picks from social media from the world of improvement across health and care. If you’re looking to learn about the latest in improvement, looking for things to get involved it or for health and care resources, you’re in the right place!

This edition contains updates on the School for Change Agents, some wisdom from the world of health and care improvement and also some useful resources to kick start the week!

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Socials of the Week, happy reading!

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The School for Change Agents

Have you heard that if you work in health and social care in England you could get unlimited access to the School for Change Agents? Thanks to a partnership we have with FutureLearn, you can get a FREE upgrade and unlimited access to the #S4CA! Click here to find out more information and see if you are eligible.

🗓️The deadline to upgrade is Sunday 8th January 2023 at midnight🚨

If our interested in learning how to address health inequalities, join the School for Change Agents! There is brilliant content, and you can hear first-hand experiences like @BenashNaz on how she created positive change in her life 🤩 Join Benash now on the School now and join a fantastic global community of change agents!

We are always super happy to see and be tagged in posts like this! If you have any updates like Saskia about your journey on the Schoolf to Change Agents, be sure to tag in @Sch4Change and use the #S4CA! We would love to hear updates from everyone!

A few weeks ago, the School for Change Agents social media accounts were taken over by @GreenerNHS. It was wonderful to see all of the enthusiasm for the new greener content we have on the School, be sure to check it out by joining the #S4CA here.

Horizons Highlights

@FutureNHS is a free and easy to use collaborative virtual workspace. It enables teams/systems to work together to develop and spread improvement. Read @DianeKetley blog by clicking here to find out more about how @FutureNHS can help you to enable collaboration and learning across boundaries!

On Thursday last week the NHS Horizons team helped to support the #StartWithPeople event! It was a great success and the day was full of incredible and inspirational speakers!

We love to see comments like this, making platforms accessible is so important to make sure that everyone can enjoy events like these!

Top picks from the world of improvements

Trust and relationships play a huge role when working on collaborative projects! Read more on this in the article linked in @HelenBevan’s tweet below.

A great quote here from Helmut Schmit shared by @LYPFT_Improve, reminding us of why we do our jobs and why we strive to improve systems!

Change can have a huge impact on employees and can make them resistant because of the uncertainty. In the tweet below, @TurnerChangeMgt has shared some questions that you can reflect on if your employees are resistant to change.

And finally…

@Soniasparklesdraws graphics are always full of fantastic advice! Here is a reminder that our non-verbal actions can have a huge impact on how we come across to people!

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Socials of the Week. Have a fantastic week!

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