Socials of the Week 5 December, 2022

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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Socials of the week, brought to you by NHS Horizons.

I’m Kerry McGinty a Project Manager at Horizons; I’m donning my press cap to write this weeks edition of Socials of the week! This article captures great reflections, thought provoking topics and inspirational tools from the world of improvement. We’ve gathered the goods from the past week, so you don’t have to!

This edition contains updates on the School for Change Agents, some wisdom from the world of health and care improvement and also some useful resources to kick start the week!

Time to grab a cuppa, sit down and get ready to feed your brain with the best of change and improvement!

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The School for Change Agents

The School for Change Agents is a massive online learning course that helps people make change happen!

Each week the School takes a deep dive into topics and improvements methods that everyone can implement. In week 4, The School looks at: From me to we, which teaches us about the world of social movements and the importance of Public Narrative.

We love hearing from participants and seeing the impact each session has. Check out @SuzanneSteel7 post on her learning experience of School 4 weeks in…

Too good not to share! Last years #FabChangeDay21 saw us host a special session as part of the celebrations. If you’ve been curious about what the School can offer, have a read today of this blog and get inspired just like Lou!

If you haven’t joined the School yet, there’s no time like the present! Sign up today and join a community of change agents:

Horizons Highlights

As a team, NHS Horizons believes that collaboration and co-production is key to making long lasting change.

Tom Underwood, Horizons Project Manager worked with members of the Horizons team to facilitate the 2nd NHS England roundtable on physical activity. Chaired by Medical Director for NHS Public Health Professor Yvonne Doyle, the event brought together programmes from across the organisation to shape the future role of physical activity in the prevention, management, and treatment of long-term conditions. Working in partnership with OHID, Sport England and many others. Tom’s tweet captured the magnitude of collaboration undertaken…

Interested? Read our blog to learn more about the work:

Sport England also shared this magnificent milestone alongside their plan of action for phase 2 of this improvement programme.

Change can be daunting but if you’ve got an idea, or want to take the next leap in your career, maybe this tweet from Helen Bevan can be that little nudge to a brand new you!

Top picks from the world of improvements

The beginning of something (collaboration, change process, policy project, innovation etc) is where we need to signal & model a different approach. If we’re trying to achieve new outcomes or change a system, we need to start another way! Read more by clicking on the link in the post below.

Two creative geniuses with the best pearls of wisdom! We are all creative in different ways, this tweet shows us how to rethink how we look out our creative talents…

Good news of the week! Another success for the #StayAndThrive team who are a community of action group working to embed change, optimising integration of best practice to ensure our international colleagues #StayAndThrive

And finally…

When you are working, it is very easy to get burnt out. even when you are super passionate about your work. Below Ramya Sriram shared some helpful tips to help avoid/get through symptoms of burnout.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Socials of the Week. We hope you feel inspired and ready to take on the new week!

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